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  • Special callsign S511PMCSlovenj Gradec – Peace Messenger City” from 6 december 2018 from 6 january 2019.


  • Elvira, IV3FSG will be active again as E44YL from Palestine on 8-18 December 2018.


  • Special Callsign CN18JIM for International Mountain Day  , 14-15-and 16 december 2018.



  • Special callsign AM7PVM to commemorate the V Centenary of the First Circunnavigation of the Globe , till 9 december 2018.


  • IOTA Pedition HQ9T from  Roatan Island  (NA-057) on 1-18 December.




  • Special callsign  SX60RAAG   to  celebrate the 60th anniversary of the  Radio Amateur Association of  Greece (RAAG), from 1 to 31 december 2018.



  • IOTA pedition YN4RRC from Big Corn Island  (Isla del Gran Maiz, NA-013), Nicaragua from 26 November to 7 December.


  • Special callsign TM18EHF  from  29 November  to 13 December for the European Women’s Handball Championship.


  • Hungary’s amateur radio movement celebrates 90th birthday , 12 special callsigns with prefix HG90, INFO.


  • Special  callsign UE70AR for 70 years of army aviation of Russia, till 31 december 2018.


  • Special callsign IY1EY will be active from  3 November  to  31December to commemorate  the experiments conducted by Gugliemo Marconi from his yacht  ‘Elettra’ in the Ligurian Sea .


  •  From 12 to 16 december 2018 Diploma “KDR – 21 years”.


  • Special callsign TM70ONU to celebrate 70th anniversary of  the  United Nations General  Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of  the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10 December 1948). from 1 september to 27 december 2018.


  • Special callsign GB250CC to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Captain  James Cook’s first scientific voyage of discovery  to  the  Pacific Ocean .


  • Special callsign HG480UD to celebrate the 480th anniversary of the foundation of University Debrecen .


  • Special callsign TM16PO to celebrate 102 years from the battle of the SOMME , (dates see


  • To celebrate 95 anniversary of RADIO CLUB DE L’AUBE  special callsign TM95KOB (see dates in


  • Special callsign TM62GG to celebrate 100th anniversary of World War I , for date see



  • Parque Nacional Picos de Europa: EG1MEP  9  June (40 m) , EH1MOP 7  July  (20 m) , EG1PMC 22  July , EH1MCP ) 18  August  (20 m) , EH1MEP  29  September  (20 m) , EG1PPE 28  December.


  • Special callsign ZB2RAF  to celebrate the centenary of the Royal Air Force , on air during 2018.


  • Special callsign II2RR and award to celebrate 70th anniversary of RadioRivista , Associazione          Radioamatori Italiani (ARI) monthly journal.From 1 april to 31 december 2018.





  • Special callsign 4U73B to commemorate the  73rd anniversary  of the founding of  the  United Nations , until 23 october 2019.


  • Special callsign IR0FOC  to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the First Class CW Operators’ Club  , till 31 december 2018.



  • Special callsign IRØFOC to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Firts Class Cw Operators Club ,during year 2018.


  • Diploma “della Regia Marina nella Grande Guerra” from 1 genuary to 11november 2018 , rules.



  • From Monday 1th January to Sunday 7th January  (IQRP MARATHON FIRST QUARTERLY)
  • From Monday 2th April to Sunday 8th April (IQRP MARATHON SECOND QUARTERLY)
  • From Monday 2th July to Sunday 8th July (IQRP MARATHON THIRD QUARTERLY)
  • From Monday 1th October to Sunday 7th October (IQRP MARATHON FOURTH QUARTERLY)
    from Monday 08:00 am UTC to Sunday 08:00 pm

REGOLAMENTO                            RULES

  • Diploma ” Pietre Miliari della Scienza nella Storia della Radio” 12 special callsigns during 2018 , RULES.


  • Awards by A.R.P.I.(Associazione radioamatori Piemonte Italia) during year 2018:

    7° diploma ARPI 2018 from 22 to 28 january 2018.

1° Diploma I Carabinieri from 19 to 25 February 2018

1° Diploma il Grande Torino from 19 to 25 March 2018

1° Diploma la Grande Guerra from 23 to 29 April 2018

1° Diploma Enzo Ferrari 30 dal 21 al 27 May 2018

1°Diploma Città di Napoli from 3 al 9 september 2018

1° Diploma Città di Torino 1 from 1 to 7 october 2018

1° Diploma Città di Trapani from 12 to 18 november 2018

INFO and RULES  (in Italian)

  • The special call “II6CNT”will be active from 24/08/2017 untill 24/08/2018 due to ” the gathering of funds”which will be donated for the construction of the Stronghold of Arquata del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno) damaged by the earthquake of 24/08/2016.                                                                                   Dial on the website: .


  • Special callsign S590RTVS to celebrate 90/60 years of the national broadcaster Radiotelevizija  , till 31 december 2018.


  • EI100MCV to commemorate the sinking of Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Leinster on 10th October 1918 , on air during 2018.


  • Dragan 9A6W and Tom 9A2AA will use 9A36W and 9A61AA respectively to mark their 36 and 61 years of activity on the , during year 2018.


  • Special callsign 9A200S to celebrate 200th anniversary of the Savudrija lighthouse , from 1 marche to 31 december 2018.


  • SP307PAF special callsign is dedicated to the memory of the Airmen fighting in No. 307 Polish Night Fighter Squadron , active till 31 december 2018.


  • Polish Scout’s Special Call HF100ZHP  during 2018.


  • Special callsign SN0UNESCO to celebrate first year of inclusion to UNESCO World heritage list of Tarnowskie Gory mine , from 06 June 2018 to 25 May 2019.


  • VALLETTA 2018 European City of Culture special callsign 9H18VLT   , during year 2018.


  • Special call VR20ZQZ   to commemorate  20th Anniversary of  returning Hong Kong to China in 1997 ,   until 1  July 2018.


  • VR20CO To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of  Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region, from 1 july 2017  to 30 june 2018.


  • Special callsign DM90AIW will be active from 1 January to 30 June 2018 to celebrate 90 years of amateur radio in the city of Wismar.


  • Special callsign DA200FWR will be in use from 1 January to 31 December 2018 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Cooperative pioneer Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.


  • Special callsign DJ70WAE will be active from 1 January to 31 December 2018 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Worked All Europe (WAE) award.


  • To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx , special callsign DK200MARX during 2018.


  • Special callsign DL100BY  to celebrate 100 years the free state of Bavaria , during 2018.


  • DL160EMMA special callsign and award during year 2018.


  • DP0GVN Atka Bay, Antarctica till february 2019.


  • For 600th birthday of Nicolas of Flüe special callsign HB600NVF till june 2018.


  • NETHERLANDS :   Leeuwarden, European Cultural Capital in 2018 , special callsign PI4ECC and other 11 callsign

    January       – Leeuwarden      – PF2018LWD
    February     – Sneek               – PF2018SNK
    March         – IJlst                  – PF2018YLS
    April           – Sloten              – PF2018SLO
    May            – Bolsward          – PF2018BOL
    June            – Hindeloopen     – PF2018HIN
    July             – Franeker          – PF2018FRA
    August        – Harlingen         – PF2018HAR
    September   – Dokkum           – PF2018DOK
    October       – Workum          – PF2018WOR
    November    – Stavoren          –PF2018STA

In december all cities . RULES

  • PA11Scouts is used in 2018 for the special celebration of 111 Years of Scouting.


  • The radio club from Pori, Finland, celebrates its 60th anniversary with the special call sign OG60F , during 2018.


  • 4K100W , 4K28MAY and 4J100RO special callsigns to celebrate  the 100th anniversary   since the founding of the  Azerbaijan Democratic Republic , from  1 March  throughout the end of the year.


  • From Bulgaria diploma ” All Saint 2018″ , INFO.


  • LZ25TRC 25th Anniversary of the Thracian Rose Club till 31 december 2018.


  • Special callsign LZ11C expedition to Castles and  Fortification  History Objects in Bulgaria, till 31 december 2020.


  •  Special callsigns YR100R  and  YR100U “1918 – Centennial of Great Union – 2018” during 2018.


  • Special callsign HG50LDT , Budapest, Hungarian Railway Historical Park  from 1 march to 31 december 2018.


  • Special callsigns LM90C, LM90HQ and LM90NRRL during 2018  , to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Norsk Radio Relae Liga (NRRL)


  • Special callsign 5W20SAMOA to celebrate 20th anniversary of continuous on the air of 5W1SA , on air during 2018.


  • ________________________________________


    Special callsign II3GRD, by Gruppo Radio Dispersi  to celebrate 100th anniversary of First World War , till 31 december 2018.


  •      Il “G.R.A.” Gruppo Radioamatori Alpini  h113c3b8a-e81b-4f63-8dcd-a43170f7c36ba ottenuto dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri Segretariato Generale – Struttura di Missione per gli anniversari di interesse nazionalel’autorizzazione all’uso del logo ufficiale delle Commemorazioni del Centenario della prima guerra mondiale, la concessione è relativa al programma di Trasmissioni radioamatoriali dai luoghi simbolo della Prima Guerra mondiale, dal primo gennaio 2015 al 31 dicembre del 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  •      Ladiploma (1) sezione ARI di Montebelluna con il 3patrocinio della Città di Montebelluna organizza il Diploma “La Grande Guerra 1915/1918″. Award ” la Grande Guerra 1915/1918″ is a certificate issued by the ARI Montebelluna under the patronage of the city of Montebelluna.  INFO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    Diploma centenario la Grande Guerra sul fronte Vicentino

         Le Sezioni ARI di Vicenza (IQ3VI) nominativo speciale II3PG, Thiene(IQ3BM) nominativo speciale II3WW, Agno Chiampo (IQ3CO) nominativo speciale II3GM e Bassano (IQ3CW) nominativo speciale II3FW si sono consociate per dar vita al Diploma Grande Guerra.    

          Il 24 maggio 2015 si ricorderà il Centenario di questo evento storico e la Sezione di Thiene ha voluto ideare e promuovere questo diploma per ricordare i tanti soldati caduti nelle prealpi vicentine. Per conseguirlo sarà possibile collegare le stazioni speciali ubicate nei luoghi della Grande Guerra, nel periodo compreso tra il 24 maggio 2015 e il 4 novembre 2018. INFO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Diploma Mountain QRP Club

                                                                                                                               Diploma la radio e la storia “100 anni dalla Grande Guerra” a cura del Mountain QRP Club.Il diploma ha validità sino al 31/12/2018. INFO


  •  The “Lest we forget” Award (World War I) , sponsored by the Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society “Lest we forget”:

 GB1GW                   JANUARY 2018
GB1FWW                FEBRUARY 2018
GB2GW                  MARCH 2018
GB2FWW                APRIL 2018
GB4GW                  MAY 2018
GB4FWW               JUNE 2018
GB5GW                  JULY 2018
GB5FWW               AUGUST 2018
GB6GW                  SEPTEMBER 2018
GB6FWW               OCTOBER 2018
GB8GW                 NOVEMBER 2018
GB0AD                  NOVEMBER 10/11 2018


  • YU100WWI to celebrate  100th anniversary of the end of World War I , fro 15 february to 31 december 2018.