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  • To commemorate the 79th anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic , 10 special callsigns and award – TC10A, TC10E, TC10F, TC10K, TC10L, TC10M, TC10R, TC10S, TC10T and TC10U , from 20 october to 20 november 2017.


  • Special callsign TM62GREF  “World Day of Transplant and Organ Donation on 17 October 2017” , from 17 to 24 october 2017.


  • From Palestine until 29 october 2017 , E44WE.


  • 19°  World Festival of Youth and Students in Russia , special callsigns : RA19WF, RC19WF, RG19WF, RJ19WF, RK19WF, RL19WF, RM19WF, RO19WF and R19FYS is station-joker. From 14 to 22 october 2017 INFO .



  • Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018  special callsignand award  EG5VOR  from 7 to 22 october 2017 , INFO.


  • Special callsign to commemorate Giuseppe Verdi II4GV  from 10 october 2017 to 27 january 2018.


  • Special callsigns HA500M, HA500R, HA500T, HG500A, HG500E, HG500H, HG500I, HG500L, HG500N, HG500PRO, HG500R, HG500REF, HG500T and HG500U  to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation initiated by Martin Luther , till 31 october 2017.INFO


  • 20-21 october 2017 JOTA-JOTI , INFO.


  • Special callsign  IR2XIR to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Insubria Radio Club , till 31 december 2017.


  • During october 2017 special callsign ON50MIRA to celebrate 50th anniversay of MIRA  public observatory.


  • Special callsigns  to celebrate 80 Years Of The Russin Region: Tambov Region RU80TO, from 19 september to 10 october 2017 , Orel Region R80ORL UE80O UE80OL from 29 september to 29 october 2017 , Novosibirsk Region callsign UE80NSO , Arkhangelsk Region  UE80AR , Irkutsk Region UE80IR , Rostov Region RO80RO .


  • Till 31 october 2017 special callsign PE44FF .


  • From 15 september to 24 november 2017, memorial to the 100th anniversary of the Hero of the Soviet Union Y.F. Pavlova.Special callsigns R100P and R100YP.


  • Special callsign YV50ARV to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Radioamateurs of Venezuela , till the end of the year.


  • XK150YUKON another special callsing is QRV as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary activity.


  • Special Callsign OL100SV  to celebrate 100th years anniversary Signal Forces of Czech Army  till 23 october 2017.


  • To celebrate 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation , special call VX3150.


  •  11 special callsigns EO25P, EO25PA, EO25PD, EO25PG, EO25PL, EO25PQ, EO25PY, EO25PZ, EO25PWC, EO25PWJ  and EO25PWL, to celbrate 25th anniversary of  “Volyn Amateur Radio League”. During year 2017.


  • UE70AAA special callsign  commemorating 70 years anniversary of Chelyabinsk Regional Radioclub (whitout more info).



  • Special callsign EO25P   to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Volyn Amateur Radio League , from 1 September to 31 December.


  • Special callsigns RA70MG and RA70MD to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Miner’s Day

  • Special callsign E77BAB to celebrate 70 years of radio-amateur activity in the city of Zenica till 31 december 2017.


  • Special callsign PA50LELY to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of city of Lelystadt , from 1 august to 28 november 2017.


  •  HF100LZ to commemorate the centenary of the death of Ludwik Zamenhof, the creator of the Esperanto language.


  • HG150MONAR to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Austro-Hungarian Empire , till 31 december 2017.


  • Marathon dedicated to 15th anniversary of “Russian Extreme” club , special callsign and award RX15RX  till 18 october 2017.


  • To celebrate the 40th birthday of HRH Swedish Crown Princess Victoria special callsign SC40VIC till 31 december 2017.


  • To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Fatima  Apparitions , specila callsign SN100F till 31 december 2017.


  • Special callsign AO110DD for 10th anniversary of EURAO.


  • Special callsign TM9MC  for the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Marie Curie for the dates see


  • To celebrate 30th anniversary of FISTS CW Club , italian special callsign II2FIST from 1 july to 31 december 2017.


  • TM53IMW special callsign from Musée de l’Évolution Agricole till 31 october 2017.


  • TM160BF  to celebrate 160th anniversary of Boyard Fortress , from 22 april to 20 october 2017.





  • VR20CO To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of  Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region, from 1 july 2017  to 30 june 2018.


  • For 600th birthday of Nicolas of Flüe special callsign HB600NVF till june 2018.


  • To clebrate 70th anniversary of the amateur radiosociety of Gotland , award an special callsigns SK70BL – 7S1GRK till 31 december 2017 . Rules 


  • Special callsign IP0TRC to celebrate 50th anniversary of ARI Terni , during 2017.


  • Special callsign 9H2017EU , Maltese Presidency   of the Council of Europe 2017 , till 30 june 2017.


  • National World War 1 Museum Amateur Radio Club , special call WW1USA  event 2017:

January 28 & 29th   Unrestricted German submarine warfare resumes

April 29 & 30    US enters the war (Declares war on Germany)

July 22 & 23    Battle of Passchendaele

October 14 & 15    US troops begin combat operations


  • DR500MLE  ,  DR1517LU  & DM5LUTHER  : special callsigns during 2017 to celebrate 500th anniversary of the reformation jubilee from the city where MARTIN LUTHER was born and died .


  • To celebrate 60th anniversary of Saarland in Federal Republic of Germany  special call DR60SAL during 2017.


  • Award 40th anniversary of DOK (Club ) R24 , during 2017 .INFO


  • Special callsign HG17EYOF for European Young Olympic Festival.


  • From Bulgaria diploma ” All Saint 2017″ , INFO


  •  OM685RADOLA 685th anniversary first historical record of Radola , during 2017.


  • LM80REX  & LM80Q Special Event Station in 2017 Celebrating HM King of Norway Harald V and Queen sonja 80th Anniversary. More INFO


  • Special event callsign S557E  for60th Radio Klub Cerkno foundation anniversary throughout 2017.


  • Special Call OF100FI/(0-9 number of the call area)  during 2017 to celebrate 100 years of Finland.


  • 100th Anniversary Of The Treaty Of The Danish West Indies Sold To The USA, special call during 2017 OZ100DVI.


  • Special event callsigns  5P90EDR  – OX90EDR – OV90EDR – OZ90EDR – OZ7D to celebrate 90th anniversary  of the Danish National Amateur Radio Organization., during 2017 INFO


  • From 1 January to 31 December 2017 nine special callsigns (EI11WAW, EI22WAW, EI33WAW, EI44WAW, EI55WAW, EI66WAW, EI77WAW, EI88WAW and EI99WAW) will be active to celebrate the Wild Atlantic Way.


  • Radio Amateurs of Canada have secured permission to use special call sign prefixes to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation , during all 2017.     Radio amateur( or club) with prefix VA may use CF (for example, VA3RAC will be authorized to use the CF3RAC call sign) , VE may use CG , VO may use CH and VY may use CI.


  • Also for the same event ,  by Calgary Amateur Radio Association  , special callsign CG6AO  , VC3C2C  special event callsign Canada’s 150th and Hamilton Amateur Radio Club’s 85th Anniversary ( during 2017).


  • Special call  EN90IWA 90th Anniversary of the Birth Date of Oleksa Tykhyi» till 31 december 2017.


  • Tambov New Year 2016/2017, the capital of Russia special callsign R17TCNY  from 12 october 2016 to 10 october 2017.


  • Special Callsign H2017PFO to celebrate Paphos  the European Capital of Culture for 2017 , till december 2017.


  • Special event callsign S557E 60th club foundation anniversary throughout 2017


  • ________________________________________


    Special callsign II3GRD, by Gruppo Radio Dispersi  to celebrate 100th anniversary of First World War , till 31 decdember 2018.

        Il “G.R.A.” Gruppo Radioamatori Alpini  h113c3b8a-e81b-4f63-8dcd-a43170f7c36ba ottenuto dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri Segretariato Generale – Struttura di Missione per gli anniversari di interesse nazionalel’autorizzazione all’uso del logo ufficiale delle Commemorazioni del Centenario della prima guerra mondiale, la concessione è relativa al programma di Trasmissioni radioamatoriali dai luoghi simbolo della Prima Guerra mondiale, dal primo gennaio 2015 al 31 dicembre del 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


  •      Ladiploma (1) sezione ARI di Montebelluna con il 3patrocinio della Città di Montebelluna organizza il Diploma “La Grande Guerra 1915/1918″. Award ” la Grande Guerra 1915/1918″ is a certificate issued by the ARI Montebelluna under the patronage of the city of Montebelluna.  INFO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    Diploma centenario la Grande Guerra sul fronte Vicentino

         Le Sezioni ARI di Vicenza (IQ3VI) nominativo speciale II3PG, Thiene(IQ3BM) nominativo speciale II3WW, Agno Chiampo (IQ3CO) nominativo speciale II3GM e Bassano (IQ3CW) nominativo speciale II3FW si sono consociate per dar vita al Diploma Grande Guerra.    

          Il 24 maggio 2015 si ricorderà il Centenario di questo evento storico e la Sezione di Thiene ha voluto ideare e promuovere questo diploma per ricordare i tanti soldati caduti nelle prealpi vicentine. Per conseguirlo sarà possibile collegare le stazioni speciali ubicate nei luoghi della Grande Guerra, nel periodo compreso tra il 24 maggio 2015 e il 4 novembre 2018. INFO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Diploma Mountain QRP Club

                                                                                                                               Diploma la radio e la storia “100 anni dalla Grande Guerra” a cura del Mountain QRP Club.Il diploma ha validità sino al 31/12/2018. INFO