Radio News




  • Special callsign II3FYT throughout 2020 on occasion of the five years of activity of the Gruppo Radio Dispersi.



  • Special  Award “VILNIUS GAON 300” , two special callsigns LY300GAON from Lithuania and 4Z0GAON from Israel , from 1 to 30 april 2020.

  • Special callsigns AO5DXX  and AO5DXX/8 Canary Islands ,  will  be active on 1-15 April 2020 to celebrate the  15th anniversary  of  the  DXXE Group.

  • Special callsign AN100L to commemorate  the centennial of the Spanish Legion ,from 1 to 21 april 2020.

  • Special callsigns OL700CO , OL700DKO and OL700LTV  are active  until 31 December 2020  to celebrate  the  700th anniversary of the  Czech city  of   Dobruska.

  • Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of  Pope John Paul II, born Karol Wojtyla (1920-2005),  special event station  SN100KW  will be active from 1 April to 31 May 2020.

  • Special callsign II5MPI for ten years of MDXC Pisa ,  during april 2020.

  • Special callsign OL30DXC to celebrate the  30th  anniversary  of  the  Czechoslovak DX Club , until 31 december 2020 .

  • Special callsign OZ75MAY to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of  World War  II in Denmark  , from to 10 may 2020.

  • Special callsign PA75ASN will be active from 1 April to 10 May 2020  to commemorate the 75th anniversary of  the liberation of  the city of Assen during  World War II.

  • Radioclub Slovenska Bistrica  will be active as S50EARTH in April 2020 for  the  50th anniversary of  Earth Day.

  • Several Austrian stations   will be using the special prefix OE25 from 1 March to 31 December 2020  to mark  the  25th anniversary since  Austria acceded to the European Union.

  • Award “Bicentenario del Nautico di Riposto” , special callsign    IO9RN  from 1 march to 30 june 2020.

  • IO3RT  and  IO3AF  special callsigns  for  ARI Thiene , untill 31 may 2020 ,  to  commemorate 100th anniversary of Arturo Ferrarin’s epic flight from Rome to Tokyo.

  • Special callsign EM30UCC  to celebrate the  30th anniversary of  the  Ukrainian Contest Club ,   from  22 January to 31 May 2020.

  • Special callsigns OX80HM (GREENLAND) and OZ80HM (DENMARK) to celebrate 80th birthday of H.M. Margrethe II The Queen of Denmark untill 16 april 2020.

  • Special callsign 4U25B  to mark the  25th anniversary  of  the United Nations  Logistics  Base in Brindisi , from  24  October 2019 until 31 August 2020 .






  • ARI Fidenza will use a series of special callsigns throughout  2020  to commemorate  twelve major events and achievements  in  Guglielmo   Marconi’s life:

     January    II4BRN  Marconi’s birth (1874)

         February   II4MLB  First radio broadcast of a musical performance:

                            Dame Nellie Melba’s song recital (1920)

         March      II4MCY  Foundation of the first “Marconi Company” (1897)

         April      II4FTX  First transatlantic radio signals transmission (1901)

         May        II4TEA  First radio message between the United States   and the United Kingdom (1903)

         June       II4REP  Rescue of the ocean liner “Republic” (1909)

         July       II4NBL  Marconi is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics   (1909)

         August     II4CLT  Inauguration of the radio station at Coltano   (1911)

         September  II4PTN  Marconi applies for his first patent (1896)

         October    II4LGH  Marconi switches on the lights at Sydney Town  Hall from Genoa  via wireless    ransmission (1930)

         November   II4RVT  Inauguration of Vatican Radio (1931)

         December   II4MDY  Marconi Day at Chicago World’s Fair (1933)

  • Special callsign TM20EURO  UEFA , during years 2020.

  • The DARC honors 35 years of SDR-technology with special callsign DL35SDR throughout the year 2020.

  • Special callsign DL40PUL to celebrate 40th anniversary of DARC club of Pulheim (DOK G40) , throughout the year 2020.

  • Special callsigns  DF70DARC  and   DP70DARC   to celebrate the  70th anniversary  of the  Deutscher Amateur Radio  Club will be active from 1 January to 31 December 2020.

  • Special callsign  DL30GER from  31 December 2019 until 31 December 2020 to celebrate  the  30th anniversary  of the  German reunification process.

  • Special callsign DL100BKW  will be active  throughout 2020  to mark   the 100th anniversary of the first broadcast transmission from  the  Radio Station  Koenigs Wusterhausen  .

  • Special callsign  DL250BTHVN to celebrate the  Beethoven Anniversary  Year from 16 december 2019 to 17 december 2020.

  • Special callsign DM2025C  till 24  january 2020 for Chemnitz European Capital of Culture candidat 2025 .

  • Special callsign OE1970WWL to celebrate 50th anniversary of  amateur radio examination and  first amateur license as OE5WWL , during 2020.

  • Special callsigns HB40HTC and HB40HC to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Helvetia Telegraphy Club , during 2020.

  • Special callsign PA75OV to celebrate the 75th anniversary of  Operation  Veritable  during  World War II,will be  active  throughout  2020.

  • Special callsign  PA75VERON  will be activated  throughout 2020  to  celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek in Nederland.

  • Special callsign PA75LIMBURG commemorates the liberation of the province Limburg 75 years ago ,  from September 12 until March 3 2020.

  • Throughout 2020, special callsign PA800D  800 years City of Dordrecht.

  • Special callsign OL30DXC to celebrate the  30th  anniversary  of  the  Czechoslovak DX Club , until 31 december 2020 .

  • Special callsigns  3Z90PZK , HF90PZK , SN90PZK  and  SP90PZK  will be active  from  1 January to 31 December 2020  to celebrate the  90th  anniversary of the  Polish Amateur Radio Union .

  • Special callsign OR50AF to celebrate  the 50th anniversary of BAFARA ( Belgian Air Force Amateur Radio Association) , till 29 february 2020.

  • Celebrating the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group’s 60th anniversary,special call GB60ATG is used from the various DXCC Entities in the United Kingdom until end June 2020.

  • Special callsign GB70IPA  to celebrate the 70th year of the International Police Association ,  throughout 2020.

  • Antartica – Roman, UT7UA is active  , until 1 February 2020 , as EM1UA and/or EM1U from the Ukrainian “Vernadsky” Research Station (AN 006).

  • Special callsign HF40STOK  40th Summer of the Housing Cooperative “SLONECZNY STOK” in Bialystok , till 8 januari 2020.

  • Special callsign  YT50SCWC  will be  activated  throughout 2020  to  celebrate the  50th anniversary  of  the  Serbian CW Club.

  • Special callsign 9A63AA  from   Tom, 9A2AA  to mark his 63rd year in amateur radio. During year 2020

  • Special call YT50SCWC during 2020 to celebrate Serbian CW Club 50th anniversary.

  • Diploma “All Saints 2020”:

LZ1908IK (January),  LZ34WGI (February),  LZ250KD (March),
LZ603IL  (April),  LZ177GL (May),  LZ734PA (June),  LZ551MS (July),
LZ662MI (August), LZ595IP (September), LZ1891AO (October),  LZ350PI
(November) and LZ1263AN (December).

  •  Special event station  8N6SHURI during 2020 , supporting for Shuri Castle Reconstruction.

  • Special  callsign  ZS95SARL  will  be  in  use  throughout 2020  to celebrate the  95th anniversary of  the  South African Radio League   (SARL).

  • Special callsign 4A15DXXE throughout 2020 , for DXXE Group 15th anniversary .