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Special callsign II1TR  to commemorate airship Italia (1928-2024) , from 25 june to 22 september 2024.

Gallinara Island (IIA L018) IP1X on 27-28 july 2024 (IOTA contest)  also  IR5G from Giannutri Island (EU-028).

Special call sign II5SF from 10 june to 25 july 2024.

Special callsign II1MH  “Mombarone Hamfest”, from 14 june to 14 july 2024.

Special callsign II3BOT “Award Ottavio Bottecchia” fron 24 may to 21 july 2024.

Special callsign II6CIC “Pesaro Italian capital of culture 2024”, from 1 june to 31 august 2024.

Discovering Marconi Award 2024 (ARI Fidenza) : II4TENC (Jan) II4INTU (Feb) II4SUCC (Mar) II4SEAS (May) II4RDFE (Jun) II4INNV (Jul) II4BFRE (Aug) II4OSTR (Sep) II4VISN (Oct) IY4BTFU (Nov) IY4FCGD (Dec).



150 Th Anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi 

Special callsign IR2GMCL  from   28 April to 27 July 2024.

Special callsigns IY0CG,  IY0GA (Sardinia),  IY0IMD, IY0MMR, IY0ORP,  IY0TC, IY1MR, IY1SM,  IY1SP, IY1TO,  IY4FGM, IY5PIS, IY6GM and IY7M  MARCONI 150 AWARD ,  from 27 april to 27 july 2024.

From Switzerland  HB150GM between April and December 2024

From Cornish Radio Amateur Club special callsign  GB150GM  from 27 April until 27 July 2024.





Special callsigns TM17CEF on 14-28 June and  TM24F from  29 June to 14 July for  the 17th  edition of the UEFA European Football Championship.


Special callsigns OLYMPIC GAMES 2024 :


Special callsign YR50DTF  250 years of the inauguration of the Transfăgărășan” from 1 july to 15 september 2024

Special callsign CB7A Isla Grande de Chiloé (AS-018) in 27-28 july 2024.

 Special call sign 8A17KKR from Borneo Island, IOTA OC – 088, Indonesia, commemorating 17th Anniversary of the Kubu Raya.

Special callsign J48FT from Tinos Island (EU-067) from 26 july to 9 august 2024.

Special callsign  CR6B will be  active  on  15-21 July2024 for  the 42nd  International  Motorcycle  Rally  in Faro.

Special callsign OE4RRDXA from  1 July to 30 September 2024  to celebrate 60th anniversary of the  Rhein Ruhr DX Association.

Special callsign DL0SOP  will be active on  1-31 July 2024  for the 66th  edition of the  Sea of Peace Award .

Special callsign EM100WJZ to  commemorate the  100th anniversary of the first amateur radio activity from city of  Lviv , from  1  July to 31 December 2024.

 OE70VIE  is a  special callsign  marking  the  70th anniversary  of Vienna International Airport   from  21 June  to  30 September 2024.

Special callsign E7100RADIO  the Bosnia and   Herzegovina IARU member society to celebrate “100 years of amateur  radio innovation”.

Special callsign  TM111TDF  ” 111th edition of the Tour de France”  , from 29 june to 21 july 2024.

To celebrate the  60th anniversary  of the  IOTA  Programme  special callsigns   between  1 july and 31 August 2024 : OZ60IOTA (mainland Denmark) , 5Q60IOTA (Danish islands) and 5P60IOTA (Danish islands) also special callsign DM60IOTA.

Special callsigns DL2024E , DL2024U , DL2024R and DL2024O , European Football Championship fron 14 june ti 17 july 204.

Special callsigns DL0GWW , DL0THF and  DL0TXL  from  May 12 and June 24  to commemorate the Berlin Air Lift of 1948.

Special callsign YR400VT “Via Transilvanica” until 30 november 2024.

Special callsign OE20SOTA  between  1 May and 31 October 2024 to mark  the  20th anniversary  since  Austria joined  the  Summits on the Air programme.

Special callsign TO60CSG to celebrate 60 years of Europe’s Spaceport based in Kourou , during various dates in April, May and July 2024.

Special callsign EO100WF , commemorating 100-th birthday anniversary of Vladimir “Ham Dad” Goncharsky U5WF SK.








Discovering Marconi Award 2024 (ARI Fidenza) : IY4TNC (Jan) IY4INT (Feb) IY4SUC (Mar) IY4DTR (Apr) IY4SEA (May) IY4RFE (Jun) IY4INN (Jul) IY4BFR (Aug) IY4OTR (Sep) IY4VSN (Oct) IY4BTF (Nov) IY4FCG (Dec).

Diploma museo della radio, 100 anni di radio , from 27 january to 31 december 2024 , IQ0AAI.



Special callsign EM3ABM Doctors  Ukraine.

Special callsign HB20SP throughout 2024  to celebrate Zurich City Police Radio Amateur Club (HB9SP) 20th  anniversary. 

Special callsign HB90G  “USKA Genève 90th Anniversary” throughout 2024.

Special callsign OE24BI from  1 January until 30 June 2024from the city of  Bad Ischl,  one of the  European Capitals of  Culture for 2024.

Special event station OE100RADIO is QRV during all of 2024 to celebrate the centennial of radio broadcasting in Austria.

Special callsign OE60RRDXA to celebrate the  60th anniversary of the  Rhein Ruhr DX Association until 30 June 2025. 

9A100RKZ is the special callsign celebrating  the 100th anniversary since Radioklub Zagreb was founded , throughout 2024.

Special callsign  9A67AA to mark his 67 years of activity on the amateur radio bands of 9A2AA , Throughout 2024 .

Special callsign SN25PCH for 25 years of Chojnice County  from december 4 , 2023 to june 30, 2024.

Special callsign SN55DIG to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Diplom Interessen Gruppe , to 31 december 2024

Special callsign OR100LGE  to celebrate  100th anniversary of the  Radio-Club de Liegi throughout 2024. 

Special callsign OF60IRON  December 2023 – November 2024, commemorating 60 years of Iron production in Raahe steel plant.

Special callsign SK100FRK to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the Falu Radioklubb  ,throughout 2024. 

Special callsign SK50B to celebrate  Botkyrka Radioamatorer club’s golden jubilee ,  throughout 2024.

Special callsign DL75BRD  from  1 September to 30 June 2024 for the 75th anniversary  since the Basic  Law  for the  Federal Republic of  Germany.

Special callsign DA20XPOTA Club Station “SOTA Deutsche Alpen” 20 years.

special callsign DG22SIXTY for  DARC’s Ortsverband Gemund to celebrate their 60th anniversary from  1 February until 31 December 2024.

Special callsign DL9GLHN to celebrate 150 years of the Lighthouse on the North Sea Island of  Norderney, from 1 february to 31 december 2024.

Special callsign EI4FOTA Between September 1 –  2023 and August 31 – 2024, “ Ireland Natural Beauty Discovery Tour”.

Special callsign EI30T to celebrate 30th Anniversary of the Tipperary Amateur Radio group (TARG)  from October 2023 to October 2024.

DIPLOMA “ALL SAINTS – 2024” :LZ235IR (Jan-Feb) LZ543BN (Mar-Apr) LZ44IZ (May-Jun) LZ302IT (Jul-Aug) LZ1515IW (Sep-Oct) LZ311PA (Nov-Dec).

Special callsign OM830DNV On the occasion of the 830th anniversary of the first written mention of Dubnica from 01 september 2023 to 31 august 2024. 

Special callsigns YT100RB and YU1924RB  until  30 November 2024 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Radio Beograd .

Special callsign PD24POTA Parl On The Air until 31 december 2024.

Special callsign VI2024PRIDE  see date on page.

Special callsign GB8UKR “We stand with Ukraine”.

60th Anniversary of the IOTA Awards Program Special Event Callsign VI60IOTA , during 2024.

For 75th anniversary of the Radio Club Bahia Blanca special callsign L75D ,during 2024