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“AWARD ARI TRENTO 90th Anniversary of the Foundation”  , from 1 to 28 april 2024 special callsign II3TNXC .

Special callsign II5LDV Leonardo da Vinci’s birthplace in Anchiano ” durin april 2024.

Special callsign II1ENR  “Memorial Enrico Casella”on 13-20 april 2024.

Special callsign IR0RIVA to commemorate the recent death of the outstanding Italian football champion Gigi Riva , from 01 February  to 30 April 2024.

Discovering Marconi Award 2024 (ARI Fidenza) : II4TENC (Jan) II4INTU (Feb) II4SUCC (Mar) II4DETR (Apr) II4SEAS (May) II4RDFE (Jun) II4INNV (Jul) II4BFRE (Aug) II4OSTR (Sep) II4VISN (Oct) IY4BTFU (Nov) IY4FCGD (Dec).

150th Marconi Award , IK3SSO IK3ZBD IZ3DRP IZ3GAK IZ3GVL IZ3LMT IZ3NVQ .From 1  january  to 25 april 2024.

Special callsign IR3POLO to commemorate the  700th anniversary  since the death of  Marco Polo, from 1 april to 30 june 2024.



150 Th Anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi 

Special callsign  IY0GM  “150th Anniversary of the Birth of Marconi” from 30 march to 1 may 2024.

Special callsign II1GM will be used on 1-30 April .

Special callsign IR1GM during april 2024.

Special callsign IY1EY  on 2- 14 april 2024.    RULES

Special callsign II2GM  from 15 february to14 may 2024 .

Special callsign IY3MR “MARCONI ROOM TEAM” , during march and april 2024.

Special callsign II3GM from 15 April to 15 May 2024.

Special callsign II4CLM will be active on 1-30 April 2024 in celebration   of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi. 

Special callsign II5OX Osservatorio Ximeniano 20 april 2024 ( 7,00 – 15, 00 UTC)

Special callsign IY6M 150th anniersary of Guglielmo Marconi , during april 2024.

Special callsign IY9MM “110th Anniversary experiment in Radiotelephone” on 1-31 march 204.

150th Marconi Award , IK3SSO IK3ZBD IZ3DRP IZ3GAK IZ3GVL IZ3LMT IZ3NVQ . From 1  january  to 25 april 2024.

From Switzerland  HB150GM between April and December 2024

From Austria special callsign OE150GM on 19-28 April 2024 ( CW only) .






OT2024EPIC  special callsign  for  the  Antwerp Port Contest  Club (ON8APC)  from   19 April  to  19 May 2024.

Special callsign CN99HR to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day and the 99th anniversary of the founding of the IARU, on 13-21 april 2024.

To mark the 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ,  two special callsigns PA75OTAN and PA75NATO will be active on 1-19 April and 20-21 April 2024  respectively . During weekend 20-21 april several other special callsigns they will be active from various Cold War locations in the Netherlands (list) .

Special callsign SX100D “Anniversary SES for 100 years of Hellenic Democracy” , on 13-21 April 2024.

For the passage of the Olympic flame special callsign TM83JO (see dates in QRZ.COM).

Special callsigns VC3RCAF and VE3RCAF , VC9RCAF and VE9RCAF , VE2RCAF ,  VE5RCAF ,  VE6RCAF  , VE7RCAF , VO1RCAF , VY2RCAF .  from 1 to 30 april  2024 , to mark 100 years of service for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Award and special callsigns AO75URE and CQ7URE(from P0rtugal) to celbrate 75th anniversary of URE. during april 2024.

Special callsign CR50Y to celebrate  the  50th anniversary  of the  Carnation   Revolution  , on 19-25 april 2024.

Special callsign ER30ARM on 10 – 30 april 2024 , to celebrate 30th anniversary of the Amateur Radio Society of Moldova.

Special callsigns in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day SZ0WARD TC3WRD  ,  OL1WARD OR24WARD and OP24WARD  will be active on 1-30 April  2024  , also 9A24WARD -T47R – 5P0WARD – TM99WARD – DA24WARD – SZ0WARD – PA24WARD – 3Z0WARD – EG5DMR – EG5WRD – EG7DMR – HB9WARD – A60WARD.

Special callsign TO60CSG to celebrate 60 years of Europe’s Spaceport based in Kourou , during various dates in April, May and July 2024.

Special callsigns  DL75AFUG,  DL75AFUV  and DP75AFUG  between 1 March and 30 April 2024 to mark the  75th anniversary  of  the  first Amateurfunkgesetz .

Special callsign EO100WF , commemorating 100-th birthday anniversary of Vladimir “Ham Dad” Goncharsky U5WF SK.

Special callsigns  YR95AR , YR95CC , YR95CH , YR95IN , YR95LI ,  YR95PE and YR95SE  will be active from  16  February until 31 May 2024 , Celebrating the 95th anniversary of the first amateur radio association in Romania’s Arad County.

Special callsign TM50KRK for 50th Anniversary of F6KRK Radio-club De Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines , from 27 january to 15 june 2024.

Special callsigns DB100FK , DC100FK , DD100FK , DF100FK , DL100FK , DM100FK , DQ100FK , DR100FK , DM100MW , and
DR100PE to celebrate 100th anniversay of the foundation of the German Funk-Kartell , from 1 january to 31 may 2024.

Special callsign DL75BRD  until  30 June 2024 for the 75th anniversary  since the Basic Law  for the  Federal Republic of  Germany.









Discovering Marconi Award 2024 (ARI Fidenza) : IY4TNC (Jan) IY4INT (Feb) IY4SUC (Mar) IY4DTR (Apr) IY4SEA (May) IY4RFE (Jun) IY4INN (Jul) IY4BFR (Aug) IY4OTR (Sep) IY4VSN (Oct) IY4BTF (Nov) IY4FCG (Dec).

Diploma museo della radio, 100 anni di radio , from 27 january to 31 december 2024 , IQ0AAI.



Special callsign EM3ABM Doctors  Ukraine.

Special callsign HB20SP throughout 2024  to celebrate Zurich City Police Radio Amateur Club (HB9SP) 20th  anniversary. 

Special callsign HB90G  “USKA Genève 90th Anniversary” throughout 2024.

Special callsign OE24BI from  1 January until 30 June 2024from the city of  Bad Ischl,  one of the  European Capitals of  Culture for 2024.

Special event station OE100RADIO is QRV during all of 2024 to celebrate the centennial of radio broadcasting in Austria.

Special callsign OE60RRDXA to celebrate the  60th anniversary of the  Rhein Ruhr DX Association until 30 June 2025. 

9A100RKZ is the special callsign celebrating  the 100th anniversary since Radioklub Zagreb was founded , throughout 2024.

Special callsign  9A67AA to mark his 67 years of activity on the amateur radio bands of 9A2AA , Throughout 2024 .

Special callsign SN25PCH for 25 years of Chojnice County  from december 4 , 2023 to june 30, 2024.

Special callsigns  SN85SKK, SP85SKK and  SP9PEZ   to celebrate 85th anniversary of the  SILESIAN AMATEUR RADIO CLUB , until 1 may 2024.

Special callsign SN55DIG to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Diplom Interessen Gruppe , to 31 december 2024

Special callsign OR100LGE  to celebrate  100th anniversary of the  Radio-Club de Liegi throughout 2024. 

Special callsign OF60IRON  December 2023 – November 2024, commemorating 60 years of Iron production in Raahe steel plant.

Special callsign SK100FRK to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the Falu Radioklubb  ,throughout 2024. 

Special callsign SK50B to celebrate  Botkyrka Radioamatorer club’s golden jubilee ,  throughout 2024.

Special event callsign EI80MB will be active from 1 November to 31 May 2024 to commemorate the 80th anniversary since 168 German seamen were miraculously rescued from the waters of the Bay of Biscay after a battle between British and German naval forces (29 December 1943).

Special callsign DL75BRD  from  1 September to 30 June 2024 for the 75th anniversary  since the Basic  Law  for the  Federal Republic of  Germany.

Special callsign DA20XPOTA Club Station “SOTA Deutsche Alpen” 20 years.

special callsign DG22SIXTY for  DARC’s Ortsverband Gemund to celebrate their 60th anniversary from  1 February until 31 December 2024.

Special callsign DL9GLHN to celebrate 150 years of the Lighthouse on the North Sea Island of  Norderney, from 1 february to 31 december 2024.

Special callsign EI4FOTA Between September 1 –  2023 and August 31 – 2024, “ Ireland Natural Beauty Discovery Tour”.

Special callsign EI30T to celebrate 30th Anniversary of the Tipperary Amateur Radio group (TARG)  from October 2023 to October 2024.

DIPLOMA “ALL SAINTS – 2024” :LZ235IR (Jan-Feb) LZ543BN (Mar-Apr) LZ44IZ (May-Jun) LZ302IT (Jul-Aug) LZ1515IW (Sep-Oct) LZ311PA (Nov-Dec).

Special callsign OM830DNV On the occasion of the 830th anniversary of the first written mention of Dubnica from 01 september 2023 to 31 august 2024. 

Special callsign PD24POTA Parl On The Air until 31 december 2024.

Active from 1 October to 31 May 2024,  ZL6WG is a special event callsign promoting the 98th NZART annual conference that will be held in Christchurch on 1-2 June next year.

Special callsign VI2024PRIDE  see date on page.

60th Anniversary of the IOTA Awards Program Special Event Callsign VI60IOTA , during 2024.

Special callsign GB8UKR “We stand with Ukraine”.