120th anniversary of the first transoceanic wireless communication

   Several radio station will be active to celebrate 120th anniversary of the first transoceanic wireless communication made on 12th of December, 1901 by Guglielmo Marconi:


II1TCWC  on 12-17 december 2021,

VD1M on 1-31 December 2021,

W2AN/1BCG  11 december 2021 on 1821 mhz ,

HB1BCG during december 2021,

GB2ZE and GB1002ZE during december 2021,

on the occasion of the event belgian radio amateurs will be  use prefix OS and  all UK and Crown dependency licenced radio amateurs may use the suffix “/2ZE” with your own callsign from the 1st – 26th December 2021.


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